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1 Million turn up for Central London’s ‘I have a banner’ day

This year’s ‘I have a banner’ day was declared a huge success, as over a million banner and placard enthusiasts took to the streets of London to show off their work.

Following on from the recent commemorative days, such as; ‘Take your frog to work day’, the ‘International Day of Happy Slapping’  and ‘Tickle a Donut Day’, March 23rd  was designated ‘I have a banner’ Day.

Ian Napton, organiser, explained, “Watching the news one evening I noticed that every story was accompanied by people waving banners and placards. Turns out that bannering is a very big industry and something worth celebrating.”

I hadn’t ever realised it was such a competitive sport. It seems a banner or placard should be both, funny and insulting. There are few other rules, and as the competition is open to everyone it’s real community activity.” explained Ian.

Winners at this years event included; ‘It’s so bad I’m here with my father-in-law, Is this the queue for my unicorn?, It’s so bad even the introverts are here, This does not spark joy, Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells and I don’t usually march… but honestly’.

Following the success of this year’s event, plans are already underway for the next one.

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