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Trout pout woman wrongly treated for anaphylactic shock

An investigation is underway, following an incident of mistaken diagnosis, when a woman was incorrectly treated for a severe allergic reaction.

After undergoing cosmetic surgery on her lips, Gillian Napton found herself being unwittingly bundled into the back of an ambulance, while a potentially life saving injection was administered.

Passers by reported that a middle age lady was seen to be ‘wandering the streets’, with ‘incredibly swollen and bruised looking lips.’

Unable to verbally assuage the good samaritans, Napton was forced to sit with an ice-pack and wait for the emergency services.

Misinterpreting her ‘agitation and incoherent mumbling’ as panic, bystanders began to gently restrain Napton, in a bid to ‘calm her down.’ One witness informed us, ‘It was a genuine error. Her lips were severely bloated and sore looking. We thought her airway was closing, so we whipped her into the recovery position on the pavement and called 999.’

It was only hours after the event, having been pumped with adrenaline, that Napton’s plight was discovered, when her husband was alerted via text message. Expressing some concern Napton disclosed, ‘No harm was done. It’s a shame I didn’t see the text earlier though. I was playing a few sneaky holes of golf with the lads.’

Meanwhile, Mrs Napton’s pride is expected to make a full recovery soon.

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