Mon. Sep 27th, 2021
Oh, so that is a BBC

Nanny Napton’s children bought her a Laptop so she could stay in touch with her growing family. Ian, her 14-year-old grandson was charged with teaching her how to use it.

After a few basic lessons she was hooked up to social media accounts, had been shopping online, was commenting on articles and threads and looking at photographs galore on Instagram.

Left to her own devices she decided to have a look at BBC news. With complete innocence she typed BBC into Google. However, she was surprised to discover that it did not link to the beloved national broadcaster but that the term bought up something else entirely.

Worried that she had contracted a ‘virus’ of some kind she immediately contacted her best friend, Gillian and asked her to come over and see if she could identify what had gone wrong. After several hours of dedicated looking at BBC’s the pair finally logged off.

Nanny contacted Ian. He explained that the initials BBC had a very different meaning on the internet. They did not refer to the British Broadcasting Corporation but to certain physical attributes, prevalent on some pornographic websites.

Ian told us that Nanny Napton did not appear to have been at all distressed by what she had seen on the internet, but rather the opposite. Whilst he didn’t know his grandfather well, Nanny had told him “Grandpa Napton had never looked like that.”

It was after Nanny had asked if there were any other terms, phrases or abbreviations she should look for that Ian left the house, vowing never to return.


By Sir Drinkalot

Once upon a time there was a very naughty little monkey. This little monkey was always to be found in the pub, when he should have been writing stories. Brains often had to go looking for Sir Drinkalot but Brains usually ended up stuck in the pub too.

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