Sun. May 22nd, 2022
Trade Sec does it again

Liam Fox, Britain’s premiere trade negotiator has announced, without a hint of irony, that he has successfully managed to negotiate a post-Brexit trade deal with South Korea.

Under the terms of the deal, we will maintain exactly the same trading conditions that we had with South Korea under the EU.

The delicate and complex negotiations have taken many hours in front of a photocopier with a bottle of tippex.

Ian Napton, Senior Negotiator, “This is a remarkable achievement. This is one in the eye for all those doubters who thought Britain wouldn’t be able to set our own trade deals. It shows that we can open up exactly the same trading opportunities that we had before, but without the EU yoke around our necks.”  

Having made this agreement with South Korea, Liam Fox plans to move on to ironing out the finer details of our complex future trading relationship with the Lindisfarne, Sark, the Isle of Wight and Avalon.

Given the success of this trade mission it’s expected that the incoming Prime Minister will seek to move Dr Liam Fox before he does any more damage. Rumours that Chris Grayling is being lined up as replacement Trade Secretary remain unconfirmed.

In Seoul, news of the trade deal was greeted with disbelief. As a reward the South Korean negotiating team was been sent on a top-secret diplomatic mission to North Korea.

Meanwhile Brexit continues.


By The Crown Prince

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