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RIP Jeremy Chunt – The man who beat off strong competition to become the most hated Tory MP

We are sad to report the untimely demise of controversial politician and fearless Health Service champion, Jeremy Chunt.

His outstanding political achievement was, as Health Secretary, becoming Britain’s most disliked politician. The value of this award shouldn’t be underestimated given the competition, within the Tory Government, for this top honour.

Many in the media had difficulty in correctly pronouncing his unusual surname, although Jim Naughtie and Justin Webb on Radio 4, famously, managed to get it right.

Controversially, he had his financial ‘issues’; expenses, and unfounded accusations of undue influence and financial benefit dogged him. The stress led to memory problems, causing him to forgot he owned seven properties.

Following the welcome resignation of Boris Johnson, his distinguished service ensured promotion to the Foreign Office, where once again, he failed to distinguish himself.

It was on complex issues, like Brexit, he thrived. A man of resolute principle, he was a passionate Remain campaigner. He held this view until Theresa told him he was now a Brexiteer, a view he was to hold as long as he thought he could become the PM.

He died, following a bout of IBS when  an overworked GP mistakenly prescribed Jeremy, 100x the standard laxative dose. After 24 hours of relentless bowel voiding, he attended his local hospital, where  the understaffed A&E department, placed him in a waiting corridor.

Too weak to cry for help, he died ignominiously and alone at 4.32 p.m. It will have been some comfort to him to know the NHS was safe in his hands.


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