Sat. May 21st, 2022
Just do it tomorrow

This week, Chatty is going to be taking a look at procrastination. Not today, obviously. Probably later in the week, or maybe next week. Yes, next week sounds better.

We recognise the cost suffered by chimps, people, businesses and the economy as a whole as a result of unnecessary delays, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re going to be hosting a conference on the subject in 2021.

As keen as we are, though, to look into procrastination, you can’t rush into these things. Oh no. Much better to put the kettle on, climb into your tyre swing with a fresh bunch of bananas and think it through for a while. In fact, we were due to publish this last month, but, well, you know. We’ve been so busy interviewing Ian Napton that we just didn’t get around to writing this up. Incidentally, Ian is very much of the view that nothing is so important that it can’t wait until tomorrow.

We’ve been looking for a catchy slogan we can promote our Procrastination 2021 conference with, too, and we’ve settled on the below. We hope you like it.

Just do it, tomorrow.


By Colin

Colin is one of our more experienced writers, he is very fond of a cup of tea, a bourbon biscuit and a bit of a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Been noted to express disapproval with a hrrump!

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