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The Liberal Democrats have appointed someone as Party Leader

According to inside sources, the Lib Dems have finally chosen someone as Party Leader.

Details are sketchy at the moment. The only known fact is that the Lib Dems have appointed someone as Party Leader. Rumour suggests the someone in question is a woman, although it’s still not clear if someone has been officially told that they have the job.  

One political commentator, Ian Napton, has confirmed that someone will take charge of the Lib Dems at some time in the future. “This ends a long period of uncertainty, where absolutely no-one bothered to speculate on who would be the Lib Dems next leader. For a while it looked like they would appoint anyone or everyone to the job. Giving the position to someone is a real turn up for the marigolds.”

The National Press have, in recent months, given unparalleled coverage to the Tory Party’s leadership race. Even though the Johnson/Hunt battle was the most one-sided campaign since Lord Cardigan said, ‘Come on Lads, let’s have ’em’, the Lib Dem leadership race still managed to go unnoticed.  

Someone’s Mum said “I didn’t even know they were standing. It’s nice to think that one day your child will become someone!

Reacting to the news that someone had been chosen as Leader, Jeremy Corbyn said absolutely nothing.

Boris Johnson said, “I say, is she a bit of a goer? Nudge, Nudge, wink, wink…know what I mean?”

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