Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
Bavard Bar

We recently published a review of the Bavard Bar in Eastbourne, concluding that it was rather good. It transpires that Hastings Online Time’s reviewed the St Leonard’s version. We thought it would be good to share their opinion with you.

If you follow the links, in the extract below, they will take you to the Bavard Bar website and the Hastings Online Times full review.

For over two years, the Bavard Bar has been bringing monthly entertainment and food for thought to the good folk of Hastings. Impressario Tim Crook talks to HOT’s Erica Smith about presentations, passion and oojakapivvies.

It’s hard to know which is the best sub-category of the HOT website under which to file ‘Bavard Bar’. Depending on the three speakers on any given night, the subjects will vary, but there will ususally be a mix of comedy, philosophy, a dash of tragedy or perhaps a mention of murder, music or mayhem. Whatever is on the bill, you can be guaranteed an entertaining and illuminating night out with a lot of laughs and a friendly and fascinating audience.

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