Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
Sir Ben

A spokesperson for the Sun defended their decision to publish a brutally insensitive article, relating to England cricket star Ben Stokes, on the basis that it was ‘in the national interest.’

Continuing the diatribe, they announced, ‘We are all a little bit sick of Brexit, so in the absence of a good child abduction story, or the Queen snuffing it, we thought we’d give the public a hearty tragedy to get stuck into it.’

Defending the article, a Sun ‘journalist’, who enjoys plucking legs off of insects in his spare time, spewed ‘Don’t deny it, the public love a bit of the ‘McGann’ factor, plus I really want a new Range Rover, so I can knock down more family pets and even the occasional granny.’

Unrepentant, he went on, ‘In all honesty, an all-expenses-paid trip to New Zealand, was more appealing than rooting around in dustbins, tapping into phones or hanging about in celebrity’s toilets.’

While most of Britain unreservedly condemned the article, a Trump representative commented, ‘This journo is the greatest of great guys. This isn’t fake news. Perhaps he can come work for us?’

Obviously we couldn’t use the natural rhyming word for Jeremy Hunt, in our headline. That would be huntish.

The admonition, not to be a Jeremy applies to us all. Hence our tee shirt.

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Don't Be a Jeremy
Dont be a Jeremy Hunt

By Lady Tamsyn Marie

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