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Derek Acorah, noted psychic, spiritualist and medium dies unexpectedly

Following the sudden and unexpected death of the noted psychic, spiritualist and medium, Derek Acorah, Living TV has announced details of their exclusive rights to his next series, Death is not the Final Word.

In this unique programme, the TV Crew follow the spiritualist on his journey beyond the veil, with in-depth coverage of Mr Acorah’s post-death experience. The show uncovers what it’s really like to talk to the dead, something that came as a bit of a surprise to Derek.  

You will meet a tall dark stranger

Meanwhile, in a hastily arranged press conference, Derek said “Take that ‘Professor Cox’! So, I’m a fraud, am I? Well, if this doesn’t outsell your Wonders of The Bloody Universe nothing will.”

Before adding, “In this series I will be talking to the recently departed, searching for lost relatives and solving the mysteries of the eternal verities. Each week one lucky viewer, for a small fee, will get to talk directly to a lost loved one.”

In a bid to maximise the earning potential of the series the producers the psychic celebrity to interview controversial historical figures. The aim is to give them a chance to set the record straight, so the first episode will feature Jimmy Saville.

Expectations for the programme are high, leading to other TV Channels developing their own versions. ITV has already announced an Easter special, which it hopes will be hosted by Piers Morgan.

New host of Beyond The Veil

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Have faith!

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