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Spurs to play all their games behind closed doors

Officials at the club took the decision came following their game against RB Leipzig, which ended in a humiliating 0-3 defeat, and exit from The Champions League.

The club said that following recent results, and the managers style of play, it was only fair to protect the fans from having to watch the team.

Yes, I am special!

A group of die-hard Spurs fans took to Twatter to say “Thank f*^k for that!”

Spurs have received much praise for not blaming the move on the Corona Virus. “No, its nothing to do with that.” Said one executive. “Admittedly, it gave us the idea, but it was only going to be a matter of time before we did this. There was no way we could go on charging fans to watch this rubbish every week.”

Asked when fans would be allowed back into the ground, the club said that, as long as Jose was in charge, this is how they would play. They went on to add that if any fans felt that they were missing exciting, imaginative and engaging play, there was Crown Green Bowls on Eurosport or they could paint a wall and watch it dry!

And here is Brian playing with his Jack

Fans at Manchester United have asked the Board to adopt a similar approach.

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