RIP Hatie Hopkins a great loss to a once proud nation

We are devastated to report the unfortunate and untimely death of beloved local celebrity, and freedom of speech campaigner, Hatie Hopkins.

Hatie rose to public prominence when she almost managed to open a successful market stall in Sugar Street. Subsequently, her much loved public appearances have drawn small crowds and attracted little attention. In an attempt to desperately increase her media profile, she proceeded to lose a series of high profile court cases. Eventually forcing her to sell her home and enter into an IVA.
Hatie was a vocal political presence, standing in the 2009 European elections where she was almost completely overlooked by a particularly selective electorate.

Her views were controversial, but she, fearlessly, never shirked from speaking, when, perhaps, others would not.

Her political career foundered when UKIP declined her joining application. One wonders why the party of inclusivity, peacefulness and tolerance didn’t want to be associated with the much loved, Hatie.

Over the years she worked as a journalist and commentator, but the right wing media were forced to let her go, and towards the end she was reduced to howling pointlessly into the twitter void.

Whilst her tv and radio shows generally received poor audiences, she did gain a following amongst the less well educated. It was speaking as the voice of the disenfranchised, white, working class voters across the world she had the greatest impact.

On a recent holiday to South Africa she was unfairly victimised, when she was arrested for spreading racial hatred. This is one of her most outstanding achievement’s, in a country already so divided by violence, division and an appalling racial history.

Many have wondered why she never received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, or was never asked to stand as a UN Peace Ambassador. Popular belief among her followers was that the establishment can’t handle the truth.

Hatie Hopkins will be sadly missed, by almost no-one outside her immediate family.