Is Donald McTrump really Scottish?

The Leader of the free world, and President of the United States of America has made much of his Scottish Ancestry. However recent comments have cast doubt as to whether or not the Orange haired wunderkind is really Scottish.

Donald McTrump, speaking about various funding arrangements involving his lawyer and the odd sex worker suggest he may not be as tight fisted as a Scot.

“Come on now, you must be joking”, replied the exclusive multi-billionaire son of a Scotswoman, after being asked about certain monetary transactions. “How do you expect me to keep tabs on every single $100,000 that goes through my account.”

He added “You know, back in my mother’s homeland they have a saying, ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.’ Well I watch the cents so the dollars can take care of the others. If I had to keep counting the money I’d never get on with all those other nice things I want to do.”

Jack Taggart, a noted geneticist from the University of McTartan, said “I doubt his claim to Scottish ancestry. These comments clearly demonstrate a flagrant disregard for good housekeeping. No true born Scot would take such a cavalier attitude to money. I still have the first pound I ever earned.”

A spokesman for Donald McTrump, “Obviously, living in a country so culturally bereft as America, it is important that Donald demonstrates a close connection with any culture he can find. I am sure he was not playing up the Scottish angle, just for the press. The President will be happy to publish details of his ancestry, when he publishes his tax returns.”


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