Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

There has been a bit of confusion at the Royal Mail. This personal invitation to Piers Morgan was incorrectly delivered to our office.

It seems that the Saudi’s have been getting advice on how to restore their world wide reputation, following the Jamal Kashoggi incident. They have decided to invite another internationally renowned reporter to the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, for a personal interview.

They insist the last visit by a journalist was a simple mis-understanding and, “Really, it won’t happen again.”

At the moment it is unclear how the visit of such a senior journalist, as Mr Morgan, will help them curry favour with the rest of the world. It’s thought the meeting could go one of two ways.

Obviously we would not want to deny Piers the opportunity to take up this wonderful offer, so we would be grateful if someone could pass this invitation on.

By chattychimp

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