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Positive test for Charlie

Prince Charles has tested positive for Coronavirus, it has been announced. Camilla is in the clear.

The couple are both self-isolating at Balmoral, Charles in the Invernessshire wing and Camilla in the Aberdeenshire wing.

Paul Duncan McGarrity: A Practical Guide to Storming Castles
Charles self isolating

The prince’s most recent Royal engagement was on 12 March and he has been working at homes since then.

A spokesman for the Royal family told us, “We are giving him a wide berth, obviously, and we can’t allow him to even be in the same palace as Her Majesty and her husband. Before you know it, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, could be King and that would really annoy the Prince of Wales. It’s almost queue-jumping, isn’t it?”

I will be king !

The Palace has reassured sycophants that the prince is displaying mild symptoms only, and that there is no need to congregate outside the castle, no matter how well their wishes are. And they should definitely keep two metres apart if they insist on turning up.

Meanwhile, the Monarchy continues.

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