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Man paying in race discrimination cheque arrested for ‘banking while black’

A Michigan man who sued his employer for racial discrimination and won, has had his cheque for damages refused by his bank, TCF Bank.

Sauntore Thomas, a US Air Force veteran, claims the bank would have accepted his cheque if he had been white.

A spokesman for the bank, Billy Bob Trump, told us, “Our eagle-eyed member of staff spotted that the customer was definitely black and couldn’t possibly be paying in a large amount of money without it somehow having been the proceeds of crime. Probably selling drugs or stealing cars. We’re delighted with her diligence and promoting her to Head of Equality immediately.”

The “Treating Customers Fairly” Bank called the police to report the heinous offence of “banking while black,” although it resisted the temptation to further report its customer for the altogether-more-serious offence of humming in the queue, something which visibly annoyed others present. Fortunately, the attending officers passed up the opportunity to taser Mr Thomas, the usual method of restraining people for being openly black in a public place.

I was only paying in a cheque, officer!

Having won one case of racial discrimination, Mr Thomas is now bringing another. “I could make a substantial living out of this. All I have to do is show up and be black, then wait for somebody to discriminate against me.”

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