Sun. May 22nd, 2022
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Superstar, Kanye West has finally commented on his recent meeting with The President and revealed the real reason why he’s changed his name to YE.

Kanye was invited to The White House, for a super meeting with Donald Trump. Kanye expressed his love and admiration for The President. To which Mr Trump told him that to honour Kanye’s support for the “Make America Great Again” campaign, and to show he’s down with his homey’s, he’s renamed part of The White House, The West Wing.

Kanye explained he’s a devout Christian, and has just changed his name to YE as it’s the most used word, after ‘Begat’, in The Bible. Donald said in all his meetings, the most used was ME but he was always up for a bit of beggating.

Mr Trump went on to say, “I’ve just changed the name of part of The White House to The West Wing, I’m not changing it to the Ye Wing, I’ll look like an idiot.”

The meeting was then interrupted by a Police Officer, with a loaded gun, checking to make sure he didn’t have to shoot anyone black.

YE relented and explained he hoped his name change would reach out to the religious zealots and help him increase sales to White Christians and fans of Charles Dickens. He also liked the idea of his fans being known as YE Faithful.

His new name ensures the singer will no longer be linked with The West Midlands, Best Western, The West Bank or London’s West End. He’s persuaded The Hammers to call themselves Ye Ham United out of respect for his change of identity.

Representatives of Westlife were unavailable for comment.


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