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Are the Sky Football scheduling team on the verge of a mental breakdown?

The Premiere League sees the welcome return of the club calendar, that bloated, overstuffed, overhyped schedule of unmissable clashes between Cardiff and Fulham, Leicester City and Themselves, Newcastle United and the Large Man Who Owns Newcastle United and, of course, that titanic struggle between Jose Mourinho and the concept of sanity.

There were three games but only two available channels. Chelsea v Manchester United, earned a debatable top-billing due to the return of Jose to Stamford Bridge and his first clash with Maurizio Sarri. With Jose being mental and Manchester United being in more of a crisis than a blind man limping towards the rim of a volcano, it’s a fair choice, it’s  The Sky Sports ‘Main Event’

What about Sky Sports ‘Football’ though? What would they end up with?

Well, it’s tricky. On the one hand, Leeds United visit Blackburn Rovers at midday. The top-tier champions of ’91 vs those of ’95. Two well-supported clubs, rich in history and, at long last, on the up. One managed by a man who sits on an upturned bucket, one managed by a man with all the charisma of one. What more could you want?

Well, when you scour the world footballing schedules, you find the delicious prospect of  a clash between 2nd and 8th in the Chinese Super League kicking off at the same time.

So, according to Sky what every English football fan wants to see is Gangzhou Evergrande vs Beijing Renhe. Leeds v Blackburn is available on the red button. Enjoy.

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