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100,000 angry Man Utd fans block the streets of West London in protest at Jose Mourinho

Saturday saw Chelsea take on Manchester United, ending in a 2-2 draw. However fans of Man Utd weren’t happy and 100,000 of them took to the streets of West London to voice their displeasure at the continued appointment of Jose Mourinho as the team’s manager.

The fans were particularly incensed by Jose’s post match interview, from which it seemed clear he’d been watching a completely different game.

The protest was organised by the Man Utd Supporters Ass, this is a national group with branches everywhere but Manchester. They wanted a peaceful demonstration after the game, to convey their displeasure at the team’s woeful performances.

They rejected the idea of hosting the demonstration in Manchester, as this was too inconvenient for fans. By hosting the event in London, travel disruption was minimalised.

The demonstration proceeded peacefully until it met 200,000 counter-demonstrators. The Save Jose protest was organised by football fans nationally, including Manchester. Their aim is to keep Jose Mourinho in charge at Old Trafford for as long as possible. So far this campaign seems to be winning.

One spokesman, Nick Simpson, said, “After suffering for those years with Man Utd winning everything it gives everyone a real treat to see them in crisis. When I go into work on a Monday morning everyone is laughing a smiling and asking, ‘Did you see that shower of shite at the weekend?’ before bursting out laughing.”

The protests are expected to continue until Jose either wins the Premiere League, The Championship or is sacked. They could go on for some time.

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