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Aryan Air in a social media race row after they asked a black man to leave the plane

There was uproar on the Aryan Air flight, from Gatwick to Dublin, when Barry Gammon (54) found himself sitting next to Obi Okeke (36) from Streatham. A very public row broke out when Mr Gammon refused to sit next to Mr Okeke,  shouting,’ I’m not sitting next to a darkie. Its disgusting, I fly with Aryan Air so I don’t have too. If he sits next to me I’m gonna hit him.”

Mr Okeke said he’d bought a ticket and was entitled to take his seat on the plane, just like anyone else and he shouldn’t have to deal with being harassed and threatened by some middle-aged, fat, white, Trump wannabe.

Staff attempted to de-escalate the situation by asking Mr Okeke to leave the plane. They explained that he should not have been sold a ticket in the first place, and he had no business travelling on their airline. He was returned to the terminal.

The airline apologised to Mr Gammon and offered him complimentary drinks by way of apology.

A spokesman for Aryan Air, Tommy Hopkins, explained, “Normally, our airline booking system filters out the likes of Mr Okeke before booking. We us an algorithm to inform anyone with an African or Asian sounding surname, that there are no seats available on the selected flight. In this case the algorithm assumed that Okeke was missing an apostrophe and he was in fact Irish, a Mr O’Keke.

Mr Hopkins went on to apologise to any passengers affected by the incident, and confirm that he was glad the incident had been widely circulated on social media as it reinforced their commitment to their principals, and saved them a fortune in advertising costs.

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