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Aryan Air’s works do would have been fine if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids

Arayan Air have found themselves in another race row after their works do, held in Newtownards, was mistaken for a KKK Rally.

Barry Gammon, spokesman for Aryan Air, said, “It wasn’t our fault, again.  We planned a works night out with a fancy dress theme and a pub crawl. As it was Halloween, and everyone would be in grotesque costumes, we decided to go as spooky ghosts. For some reason everyone thought we were in KKK costumes. “

He added, “It wouldn’t have been a problem if it hadn’t been for those pesky kids posting Social Media pictures of us outside the Islamic Centre.”

The company explained “The team weren’t doing Nazi salutes this time, they’d just been attacked by a swarm of wasps. As for the crosses, they’d no religious significance and were, in fact, stability aids. It was a complete accident that Gary set one on fire.

Mr Gammon said, “We were very surprised to find so many people were upset  about a hooded, religiously affiliated, hate sect on the streets of a protestant town in Northern Ireland.”

Overall, the evening was not a total disaster, a local parishioner did offer to buy the costumes for some of his ‘friends’ saying, “Thanks fellas, these’ll come in very useful”.

Asked if they organiser of the event had been disciplined, Mr Gammon said, “Not as such, more… promoted.”

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