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YE announces his dramatic withdrawal from politics

Having failed to make news headlines since his name change and love-in with Donald, YE (Kanye West) has now forced his way back into public disinterest by announcing his withdrawal from politics.

Fed up with being misunderstood, he appealed to Ye Gods to spare him from further misrepresentation and fake news. YE finally saw the light and stepped down from any more attempts to change history or to Make America Great Again.

YE was particularly disturbed to find Trumpeting had not gone down with his core audience, who for some unknown reason did not approve of the bloated, racist, pumpkin headed buffoon.

Anxious not to miss out on public adoration, YE is preparing a new Christmas rap album containing such classics as “God Rest YE Merry Gentleman”, “YE, Three Kings of Orient is”, “Lo! YE Comes with Clouds Descending” and his call to arms “O Come all YE Faithful”.

The album is expected to be a major hit, earning him a fortune so he can continue pontificating to his worldwide audience, who resolutely don’t give a toss.

When asked for comment, the White House spokesperson, Sarah Wannabee, said the President was sad to lose the political influence of one of the homeys who consistently matched the President for intelligence, wit and his ability to look an idiot every time he opened his mouth.

She added that YE’s withdrawal from political activity would have no effect on the President’s ‘Inclusive of every one’ policies.

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