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Hibs boss, Neil Lennon, coining it in after friendly local derby

Hibs manager, Neil Lennon, was left stunned, and almost lost for words, this week when he was struck by a coin at the end of a ‘feisty’ Edinburgh derby (which saw two officials also struck by ‘missiles’ – though not apparently of the ground-to-air variety – and Hearts’ keeper receiving a well-intentioned punch in the face).

Peace-loving Lennon dismissed any claims that he goaded the Hearts fans after they had a late goal disallowed, “I wouldn’t dream of goading them. I simply turned to express my condolences, to sympathise with their plight. It was just the same as when we lost Auntie Pam last year. I was there at the funeral, fists clenched, big f*ck-off grin on my face, in my trackie with a can of Special Brew.”

Lennon also went on to further discourage any suggestions that he needn’t have hit the deck so emphatically after the coin made contact, “That coin could’ve f*cking killed me. It must’ve been made of f*cking metal or something.”

This weekend Hibs face St Johnstone, though Lennon would not be drawn on whether he expects to change his touchline demeanour, telling the assembled reporters that if they wanted to “f*cking say that again pal” then he would be more than willing to “meet them in the f*cking car park afterwards”, at which point he flicked the v’s and departed.


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