RIP Arron Banksit fearless Brexiteer, interesting business man and top insurance seller

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Today all England grieves for the loss of this fearless Brexiteer, ruthless money maker and top insurance policy seller five years running. Proving if you want something bad enough there’s nothing you won’t do to get there.

As a true patriot he was always keen to make sure he paid his fair share of tax, one of his companies turned over £19.7 million last year, paying a whopping £12,000 in tax, more than Google.

Banksit was a keen philanthropist, supporting isolated island communities, like the Isle of Man and Gibraltar, where many of his business were based.

A controversial business man, he fell foul of the Gibraltan Regulators, unhappy at his trading whilst insolvent.  One of his outstanding business achievements came when he managed to be fired as CEO of his own company.

Investing in African diamond mining, he fell victim to on-line fraud when he tried to help a Lesotho Government minister with his ‘banking issues’, losing over £400,000 in the process. It goes to show that you can’t take cyber-security too seriously.

Mr Banksit always denied being bankrolled by the Russians. It appears the repeated meetings at The Russian Embassy were simply to arrange their buildings and contents policy. Apparently, there was some difficulty with the  security of the radioactive material store cupboard.

He became the UK’s largest ever single donor in political history, when he bankrolled the Leave EU campaign. At the time of his death he was under investigation for various electoral illegalities, something he was always keen to deny.

Nevertheless his relentless Brexiteering left a legacy the British people will have to live with, long after he is dead and buried.