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George Orwell’s back from the dead with his 1984 sequel, 2019 – It’s Doubleplus Ungood

In a surprising move, the renowned author, George Orwell, has come back from the dead to publish his hastily written sequel to 1984.

Like the original, 2019 paints a bleak picture of a future nobody wants. Set in a country which has recently committed social and political suicide, the nation is irreparably divided. The Army is present on the streets, medicine is running low, the airports are less busy because nobody can be arsed to fill in visa applications necessary to be admitted into previously easily accessible countries. It’s a bit of a mess.

The politicians agree on nothing. The far Left demand elections. The far right clamour for the death penalty to be introduced for the far Left.

The proles experience hunger. Looting and rioting becomes normal. Society begins to crumble and X Factor is still on the television. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

1984 describes a world where every action and thought is controlled. In 2019, Orwell discovers that mankind has developed CCTV, Facebook and marketing departments. “Bugger me. I invented the future in 1948,” he writes.

Orwell’s future is coming. Big Bother is watching you.

Brexit continues.

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