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Snowflakes take the week off after Country Music fans are the victims of this week’s mass shooting

The sort of people who regularly drone on about America’s failure to control gun ownership after a mass shooting have been suspiciously quiet after the latest incident, this time in California.

Twelve people were shot dead by a man with a history of mental health issues in a venue where country music was playing.

Local reports say that just before the shooter entered the building, ‘yee-ha’ sounds could be heard from within, along with the clip-clopping of cowboy boots on the dancefloor. Moments later, in darkness and the sound of gunfire, shouts of’ ‘get down’ caused people to dance for a few seconds longer than they might otherwise have, some unfortunately losing their lives.

Liberal-elite types are normally the first to condemn America for its failure to prevent these shootings, but it seems that the loss of country music fans hasn’t quite caused the sense of loss and outrage experienced when other groups are targeted.

Billy Bob Harris, a country music fan, said on Fox News, “They shoot gays, the world is up in arms. They shoot worshippers, even Trump has to say something. But they shoot people listening to Garth Brooks and no one cares.”

The Fox News anchor confirmed that this was indeed the case and that the shooting at the country music festival shooting was mentioned on the news only because 58 dead represented a “new US record.”

Meanwhile, liberal-elites are waiting for the next incident in a college or church so that outrage can resume.

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