Tue. Jan 25th, 2022
Corbyn released


House of Commons
Sir Archibald Tarquin
House of Commons Wine Bar
To: Sir Graham Brady MP
Chair 1922 Committee
House of Commons


Dear Sir Graham,

I find myself compelled to write you to express my complete lack of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.

As you know he has been playing the long game over Brexit, essentially saying and committing to nothing and waiting for The Conservatives to fuck it all up.

Well, it looks like we have reached that stage. More of a fuck of it, we couldn’t have made. The only one who thinks this is a good deal is Theresa May.

Given that everyone is aligned against this deal there is a real chance we could end up with a General Election, and when I look at the state of my party I think we are in trouble.

We have always relied on the un-electability of Jeremy Corbyn to ensure we remain in government. However, we are no now so ramshackle it seems impossible that we could get re-elected.

Because Jeremy Corbyn is now a real threat to the Conservatives and I’ve No Confidence in his ability to balls up the next General Election I am forced to submit this letter. Please find Labour another leader.

I understand more than 48 of my colleagues have sent letters, so get on with it.

Yours Sincerely

Sir Archibald Tarquin



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