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Jose thoughts on what really happened at Manchester United

Former United boss Jose Mourinho has finally had his say on recent events at Old Trafford.

Asked about how he feels towards his former players, Jose didn’t hold back, “Rashford is a traitor, Young is a traitor, Smalling is a traitor. I know they weren’t playing to their full potential. I forgive Phil Jones only. I thought, when I saw him playing for me, nobody can possibly be that shit at football if they are giving 100%. I see now that I was wrong.”

On the subject of his hopes for the future, Jose was unambiguous, “I deserve to be manager at a top, top club. Nowadays people look at top clubs and think Liverpool, Manchester City, Juventus, but I do not think so. The big jobs now are elsewhere, in places that might actually hire me. I think the biggest jobs going now are the Norwegian national team under-21s coach, the sporting director job at some plucky Azerbaijani outfit, and the role of guest judge on Dancing on Ice.”

Asked whether he would consider a career in punditry, Jose had this to say; “I look at who is a pundit now. Sounness, Neville, these guys have failed at the top-level of management, they could not hack it and have had to settle for sitting in a studio talking about the game, they are not really involved and making a difference.” Asked to give a direct answer to the question, Jose said; “Yes, absolutely I’m thinking about it. I’d fit right in.”


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