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What happens when you steal the work of @BarristerSecret?

Recently Boris Johnson tried to make political capital following the recent terror attack, on London Bridge. He did through lies and misinformation. @BarristerSecret published a detailed response showing why our Prime Minster was wrong.

But Boris is nothing, if not resilient and he decided the most appropriate course of action was to pass off the work of @BarristerSecret as his own.

However, @BarristerSecret is made of sterner stuff and an answer was soon forthcoming.

In the tirade that followed, @BarristerSecret used the phrase “This is Weapons-Grade Shitehousery”. Here we have provided a full account of the incident.

We decided to put this beautiful phrase on a Tee Shirt, Mug and Sweatshirt and to pass on a donation to the Free Representation Unit for every item sold. Just click on the image to buy one.

Weapons Grade Shitehousery

The main image accompanying this story is a picture of one of @BarristerSecret’s fans, wearing one of the shirts as he goes off to vote. Oh, the irony!

So Boris, what happens when you take on SB? Well, people fight back, that’s what.

Each Tee Shirt sold will earn a donation for The Secret Barrister’s nominated charity, the Free Representation Unit (@FreeRepUnit). The FRU has been providing representation in social security and employment tribunals since 1972 for those not eligible for legal aid and who cannot afford lawyers.

Even if you don’t buy a Tee Shirt, please consider following the link and making a donation.

Whilst you are at it, why not buy The Secret Barrister’s Best-Selling Book; Stories of The Law and How It’s Broken. Chatty did, and, excuse the language but it scared the shit out of him.

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