Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

It was with some trepidation that Ian and his wife Gillian began a single storey kitchen extension on their mid-terrace, Victorian property. Having had a mixed experience with builders over the years, they were understandably concerned there would be significant disruption.

Their existing kitchen was too small and they wanted to increase space by extending into the garden. Several properties in their road had already had this type of work done.

Bravely, using a local builder, they went ahead.

Ian enthused, “They did such a great job, all the men were very polite, no one had their bum cracks out. They cleaned up every day and didn’t disturb the neighbours. The job was finished on time and slightly under budget. Perhaps more importantly none of them tried to shag Gillian or my teenage daughter.”

“No one inflicted racist or homophobic comments, there was no inappropriate banter. We were even more stunned when they turned came in and stayed on site all day, usually our builders turn up for an hour or two before buggering off to another job. If God had invented builders, these would be the guys, it was just like having the Polish guys back again.” Added Ian.

One of the builders, Charles Griffiths said, “I don’t know what they expected, they treated us nicely and we reciprocated.”


By Sir Drinkalot

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