Devastation as Storm Grayling causes chaosMonkey Business

The status of the latest winter storm has been upgraded to catastrophic and renamed Storm Grayling

This weeks winter Atlantic storm, was originally named Freya and it was expected to bring a sense of mild depression, together with bouts of heavy rain and high winds to all parts of the UK.

Unfortunately, the low pressure at the centre of the storm, has deepened, bring risk of substantial and prolonged depression to all areas of the country. With the increase in storm severity, it has been upgraded to catastrophic and renamed Storm Grayling.

Ian Napton, from weather, explained, “As the pressure falls and the low deepens, there is a substantial increase in the amount of hot air battering the country.”

He went on to add “We’ve issued a red warning for the whole country. There are higher than usual risks of; transport and travel disruption, property damage, threat to life, interruption of essential supplies and services combined with a substantial financial cost to the economy. Given these risk factors, renaming this national catastrophe, Storm Grayling, seemed the only option.”

The Government have announced that the Department of Transport have already enacted contingency plans to ensure that no-one can travel anywhere and that all cross-channel crossings, including the tunnel, have already been cancelled.

Experts reckon that the depression, currently situated over the UK, will continue for some considerable time.

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