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As the Prime Minister fails Geography, we publish a handy study aid; Can you tell your Bath from your Salisbury?

It’s been a year since the Novichok attack on two Russians in the Wiltshire town of Salisbury. In a vain attempt to generate some favourable non-Brexit publicity, Theresa May decided to pay the poor residents of Salisbury a consoling visit.  

Unfortunately for the Gaffer-in-Chief, arrival photographs posted on Social Media, were pictures of Bath, some 40 miles away. It was almost as though the Prime Minister of The UK wasn’t uploading her own selfies, adding comments as she went along.

Here at Chatty Chimp we’re committed to helping our community. So, we’ve published some images and notes, that will help Number 10 recognise the difference between Bath Abbey and Salisbury Cathedral. 

As we all know, Salisbury Cathedral is famous for having the tallest spire in England. Keen students of religious architecture will have spotted that a spire is a tall pointy thing, on top of a tower. 

However, Bath Abbey is considered to be a fine example of perpendicular gothic architecture, and for not having a tall pointy bit at the top. 

See if you can tell the difference. 

Jeremy Corbyn did not console the poor people of Salisbury, one year after the emergency event. 

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