Tue. Jan 25th, 2022
Kids being kids

After a successful campaign by local residents a school in Birmingham has succeeded in getting lessons in being nice to each other, removed from the curriculum. It turns out that the religiots are against it.

The controversy was about same sex relationships. Whilst the religiots were keen to stress they were not anti-homosexuality, they just didn’t want their children learning that it existed.

Religion’s obsession with children’s genitals, whether it’s mutilating them or for personal pleasure means that their antiquated views make them uniquely qualified to say how their children are indoctrinated.  

However, under The Equality Act schools have a responsibility to teach children about equality and inclusivity.

Ian Napton said “Like any school we care for children from a very diverse set of backgrounds. We want everyone to get on with everyone else, that doesn’t seem an unreasonable aim. Just because someone lives differently to you, doesn’t mean you have to live your life that way.”

He went on to add, “Unfortunately the religious death cultists didn’t see it that way. They were against the idea of teaching children to be nice to each other.”

A spokesman for the Death Cult explained, “Look when it comes to teaching children about being nice to people outside their own faith, its up to us to teach them that is wrong. The last thing we need are messages of love, tolerance and respect. God only knows where that would end.”

Protestors from different religious groups had picketed the school holding up signs reading “Education not Indoctrination” which made Atheists, Humanists and the educated laugh. 


By Sir Drinkalot

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