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PTBD – Psychologists confirm Post Traumatic Brexit Disorder, is a thing

Psychologists, working at the School of Life, have confirmed the existence of PTBD, Post Traumatic Brexit Disorder.

Unheard of before 2016, the condition is now thought to be seriously affecting the mental well being of some 60 million people. Psychologists are asking for urgent steps to be taken in order to reduce the mental trauma currently ruining the lives of millions. Although, ironically, they don’t know what those steps are.

Symptoms stretch from a mild irritability and phlegmatic “Well, what can you do?” to anger, rage, consternation and confusion.

This leads to; raised blood pressure, shouting at the TV, a purple complexion, an inability to think logically or follow simple ideas, failure to listen to others, and episodes of random shouting about ‘traitors’, ‘fascists’ and enemies of the people.

No one, is immune from PTBD, which becomes manifest in a range of erratic and illogical behaviours.

For example, on Wednesday Night the Prime Minister promised Parliament a free vote on her No Deal motion. She then tried to force her MP’s into voting, as she did, against her own proposal. One of the whips, who tried to compel MP’s to vote with Mrs May, then voted against her.

Meanwhile, the nation sat there wondering what the point of voting was.

Theresa May has said, “Look, I know you’ve told me to take my withdrawal agreement and fuck off, but I’m bringing it back. You can bloody well keep voting on it until it’s passed.”

The emergency services were overloaded by calls, many people had given up, barricading themselves into their bedrooms and refusing to come out until it was all over.

Origins of the PTBD story

Brexit has been going along for over two years, becoming evermore complex. Anyone following it feels as  though they are being subject to he relentless drip of water torture. By now things should be clear, but they seem more impenetrable than ever.

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