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Rugby Union to be renamed ‘Bundle!’

Rugby Union is undertaking a re-branding exercise in order to address the disparity between the popularity of International Rugby and its’ decline at club level.  

Bizarrely, millions of people don’t seem prepared to spend Saturday afternoons, in the cold and the rain, watching a bunch of fat lads chunter about a muddy field.

Ian Napton, spokesman for the RFU explained, “We conducted some focus groups, and paid cousin Archie £2 million quid, to work out why the sport wasn’t more popular at club level. He thought it was because poor people couldn’t understand the rules.”

Acting on Archie’s recommendation the RFU have decided to get rid of the rules. 

Now, after kick off, the player with the ball is fair game and everyone can pile in. The RFU’s says the name, ‘Bundle!’ more accurately reflects this modern version of the game. 

Officials believe the simplified rule structure will also allow women to appreciate the game; without having to worry about understanding another offside rule. 

Meanwhile, marketing strategists have been hard at work developing the brand amongst the six nations. Consequently, each country will get their own version of the game: Le Bundle!, MacBundle!, O’Bundle-de-di-do!, Il Bungalino! and Bndl!. The aim being to grow the grass roots of the game.

It’s hoped that with these rule changes Rugby Union will finally live up to it’s billing as ‘A GAME FOR SAVAGES PLAYED BY GENTLEMEN AND THE WELSH’. 

The Origin of the Rugby Story

This tongue in cheek story is aimed at the perception that Rugby Union is a game for posh boys, with rules only they can understand. The only time anyone cares about the game is when they’re in a pub and the Six Nations are on. Nothing like drunk national pride on a winters evening. Happily, it’s on at the moment.

This is our first Rugby story but we have run a story about rule changes in sport before;

The story is not completely without foundation as this article shows;


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