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The Brexit Party – Making Britain Grate Again

Thundering through the recent political gridlock, the Brexit Party is set to put the Great in Britain again.

With it’s comprehensive selection of policies, though nobody actually knows what they are, the Brexit Party is almost certainly the voice of the disenfranchised.

Proving his political versatility, Farage has been dubbed the millennial political chameleon, with his masterful capacity to change policies and political party.

Speaking from his home village in Downe, a fellow resident gushed, ‘Nige is a top bloke, who never gives up. Being rejected from all the main parties locally in his early days, didn’t stop him. Must be tough being an MEP, collecting all that salary, when he doesn’t really believe in it.’

Standing up for his current views, whilst cleverly rewriting the Leave campaign, has seen Farage’s popularity soar. A Brexit Party spokesperson confirmed, ‘Manifestos are so last season. Nigel has a master plan and just wants to deliver a new order. Ordinary peoples’ views are sure to be represented, especially now we have the multi-millionaire, privately educated, Rees-Mogg family on board.’

With his party poised for victory, there have been rumours relating to Farage releasing an autobiography, of his colourful political journey entitled, ‘My Struggle’.

Supporting his political comrade, Trump confirmed, ‘He’s one hell of a guy and a real winner for sure. No fake news with him. Yeah, we’re gonna work together to help shape that old NHS into some special business.’

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