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Grandad moves golf club after finding out his mates are Facebook racists

Golfer, Ian Napton, has moved from his local club since discovering his playing partners are Facebook racists.

The trouble started when his grandchildren persuaded him to join Facebook. It was all very exciting, his golf mates were regular users and they were soon following each other. They shared jokes, news and posts.

Soon, however, he noticed racist comments from his friends. Some of them were posting made up nonsense, calling people traitors and scum and banging on about England being taken over.

I began to worry about what would happen if I just ignored this rubbish. I’d lie awake at night, fretting and I soon got scared of going to the club. I was worried they’d stop playing with me and then I got worried that they wouldn’t.”

“I’d turn up knowing that underneath all the smiles and jokes some of these guys were nasty little shites with terrible grammar. As a wooly-minded liberal I was in a difficult position. The last thing I wanted to do was upset anybody  but I felt someone ought to stand up against this kind of ignorant hatred, I just didn’t think it should be me.”

With seemingly no way out, Ian decided the only thing to do was to moan about the state of his knees, cancel his Social Media accounts and move to another club. Now Ian has some new friends and he can pretend they are just like him.

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