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For Sale – The NHS, 63 Million previous users, good runner, needs TLC and cash

In this week’s classified section, following on from some recent interest from an American buyer, we are pleased to offer the NHS for sale.

As to the vehicle itself, it’s a bit of a classic, built in 1948 its designers took advantage of the post war enthusiasm for looking after each other. Unfortunately, over the years it has had some tough running. Many of its previous owners have not kept up the regular maintenance and as such the service history is a bit patchy.

With 63 million previous users there’s been a bit of wear and tear on the bodywork. However, she’s still a good runner, nothing a bit of TLC, turtle wax and few bob won’t sort out.

The NHS is certainly a head turner, where-ever she goes she catches the eye. It’s a British Design Classic that has long been the envy of the world. Everyone has their own favourite story to tell about the time they went on a journey in the old NHS jalopy.

The £120 Billilitre engine is in good nick but it does rely heavily on overtime, emergency appeals and a lot of good will but with 63 million passengers it carries a huge load.

Although bidding on this timeless classic is expected to be heavy, it does offer the potential for a staggering return on investment, with future insurance premiums likely to produce an unlimited return.

Interested applicants should apply to Tory Central Office.

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