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Gove declares practice power cut drill a success

Michael Gove’s No Deal preparations received a shot in the arm today when a practice power cut succeeded right across the country.

Railway stations, roads and other essential public services were plunged into sudden chaos when the switch was flicked. “It’s important that we run these drills,” a spokesman for the Minister said. “The Cabinet has agreed to a series of practice emergency situations so that the public are accustomed to things not quite going to plan.”

The Government has neither confirmed nor denied that a simulated emergency at a nuclear power station is planned, but observers have pointed out that the failure of the back up generator at Ipswich Hospital could present problems if Sizewell B has an off day.

Speculation is also rife that there will be a new series of public information films on our screens in October in preparation for No Deal. Gove is said to be undecided whether to reprise Joe and Petunia or Charley The Cat, helpful characters not seen since the 1970s.

The public can be reassured, however, that such a senior and responsible Minister, is running the operation.

Brexit continues.

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