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Last Night of The Proms EU flag waving contagious claim Brexiteers

Brexiteers have flooded the BBC with complaints after noticing that the Last Night of The Proms was awash with concert goers waving Blue EU Flags.

In a concert featuring music from some of Europe’s greatest composers and played by a multi-national orchestra Brexiteers thought this was another BBC Remainer plot.

Gillian Napton was one viewer who complained, “Well, it’s not right is it? You can’t have the BBC promoting the EU, not after we voted to abolish it. You can’t be too careful, what would happen if some weak-minded Brexiteers saw the flags? They might easily be converted to Remain and then where would we be?”

Apparently waving a flag at a concert is when Remainism is most contagious.

One scientist warned “It’s the emotion of the event that makes it so dangerous. When you have so much beautiful music written by these damn foreigners it can make people realise that Europeans do so much more than serve coffee and beautiful food. The blue flags become hypnotic, they draw the eye as they wave back and forth. Subliminally, viewers then begin to think of themselves as European. In extreme cases they may even see themselves as one tiny little organism trying to get by in an almost infinite universe and realising that we all need to get along with each other. A nightmare scenario.”

A spokesman for the BBC apologised for the behaviour of some of the audience members and asked that anyone affected by any of the issues raised in last night’s coverage call someone at The Daily Mail.

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