Sat. May 21st, 2022

At Napton & Co they believe that ‘where there’s blame, there’s a claim’ and as the PPI work dries up they are looking for new ways to earn. Their latest money-generating wheeze is to sue The National Lottery.  

Ian Napton explains, “When people see all the adverts showing ordinary people winning life-changing sums of money, they are led to believe it can happen to them too. Of course, we all know it can’t, but it doesn’t stop people handing over the hard-earned readies every week.”

The firm points out that, although the National Lottery appears to regularly pay out huge Jackpots, they are never to you. Most people end up with a Lucky Dip or £2.70. The odds of winning the National Lottery are 45,057,474 to 1 and three times that for Euro millions.

Realistically, you’re 22 times more likely to die falling out of bed and 4 times more likely to become an astronaut. What a memorable day that was for Mrs Enid Jackson (65). 

“I wasn’t much good at maths but even I know that numbers with commas are big, very, very big and that means you’re not going to win. It’s wrong of the lottery to make you believe you will and because they’re deliberately misleading you have a claim,” explained Ian. 

He went on to add “What I see here is a tremendous opportunity for us to get free publicity, some new clients who will end up paying us money to pursue a hopeless case and second home in the Dordogne for me.”

When asked what their clients will get out of it, he responded truthfully;  “Nothing, other than a sense of disappointment and a valuable life lesson.”

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