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Line of Duty returns for 6th series with even more acronyms

LoD creator Jed Mercurio has confirmed that the series will return for a 6th series, and it will be chock full of bright new acronyms and abbreviations.

“The thing is coming up with all those acronyms series after series is the really hard part. If we put in enough random letters, everyone just sits there trying to work them out and fails to notice we just repeated the first season again and again.”

“It started when I was writing the first series. I got fed up writing Organised Crime Group every other sentence, so I shortened it to OCG in the first draft and forget to change it when we went into production. It just stuck”

“This time I was finding it difficult to generate new acronyms, I’d used every combination I could think of, at one stage a criminal was accused of GCSE, whatever that is. My big breakthrough came when I was looking after the grandchildren and they got out Boggle. Well, I couldn’t believe it, there were more random letter combinations than I’d ever seen. It was then I knew we had the next series in the bag.”

Whilst the production team are keen to keep the letter combinations secret, a few have been ‘leaked’ in order to generate some pre-publicity. Apparently, TKMax, WTCF and B2B all make an outing.

To keep the theme running cast names have also been shortened. So, the main characters will be referred to as SITH, DIKF, DoSSA, RSPCC and DSUPIC, although the BBC have announced that subtitles will be available for anyone who can’t be bothered to work out who is who. They were considered unnecessary in Wales.  

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