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Parliament’s Saturday session contravenes the EU Working Time Directive

Parliament’s Saturday Session has been cancelled as it contravenes the EU Working Time Directive.

Boris Johnson’ Saturday session of the House of Commons has been cancelled. Consequently, The Speaker confirmed that the proposed session would put MPs in breach of the EU Working Time Directive, so couldn’t go ahead.

“I know it seems like that even though we run the country we have a ridiculous amount of time off but it’s hard work being an MP. There are a never-ending string of Supermarket openings, Charity Fetes and School Sports Days to attend. Never mind the constant round of lunches and dinners, the only time you see a thin MP, is when they are having Chemotherapy!”

“Health and Safety at work is a key consideration and forcing the MP’s and their staff to come in on a Saturday, would be an offence under the EU Directive. Obviously, if we left as a result of that day’s motion, it wouldn’t be a problem, but what happens if we don’t? It would set a bad example and we would be liable. Damn the EU!”

Jeremy Corbyn said “Workers safety is paramount and whilst Brexit might be a pressing issue, resolving it at the expense of workers rights wouldn’t help anyone. Anyway, this time of year there’s a lot do on the allotment, so Saturday’s are not a good day to have to go to work.”

Meanwhile Brexit continues…

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