Have you been mis-sold a Brexit? You may have a claim!

Have you spent countless hours in pointless Brexit debates? Did your friends and relatives desert you? How come you managed to enrage complete strangers with, or without provocation? Were you injured or distressed as a result of arguing about something you only had half the facts for? Admit it, you typed messages in BLOCK CAPITALS, didn’t you?

Are your friends as sick of Brexit as you are? Did you vote Brexit and not really expect anything to change? Or, Did you vote remain and spend the last three years toting about an over-inflated sense of educational and moral superiority?

And do you, as an ordinary guy think that when the whole thing eventually works itself out, you will be the one paying the price?

If any of this applies to you, there could be compensation due!

Those bright young things at Napton and Co, have now worked out that because of institutional negligence by The Palace of Westminster Ltd, customers have lost the last three years (4.3% of an average life span) of their lives.

In a novel legal argument, the court heard that it isn’t the loss of money that matters but the loss of time, health and happiness. They believe that wasting three years of precious time in a completely pointless and unwinnable argument is a significant infringement of someone’s human rights.

The Chief Executive of PoW Ltd, Mr B Johnson, said “Bah! Humbug! I usually find the best way to relieve stress is to spend the evening in the company of some young floozie and work it off! Then declare the whole thing a rousing success and pay myself a huge bonus, before fucking off and leaving some poor schmuck to pick up the pieces.”

Now you’ve read the Brexit story, it’s time to buy the picture

As you can tell from the tone of the story, the anger is directed at Parliament. There seems to be a consensus that we need better politicians than we currently have. This picture was sold at auction for £9.8M, nice. You can order a canvas print for as little as £9.99. We can supply this framed, or unframed and in a wide variety of sizes. Just click on the image to go through to the shop.

Devolved Parliament by Banksy

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