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As Rugby World Cup ends the working-class breathe a sigh of relief

As the Rugby World Cup ends millions of working-class folk have let out a giant sigh of relief. Following on from the cricket world cup English sports fans have again been forced to fake an interest in posh-boy games.

This has meant mugging up on the rules of rugby.

“It’s all very confusing” said Ian Napton, “One team kicks the ball to the other team, which is considered a good thing, then they kick it back but when your team kicks the ball they are not allowed to chase it. Then both sides stop the kicking and have a bundle, but there are different rules for a stand-up bundle and a lying on the ground bundle. You can’t just join a bundle, players have to queue up first, mental!”

“For reasons which make no sense eight players from each side bend over and try and push each other backward. Something they repeat for about 10 minutes. No one can see what’s going on with the ball but apparently it’s exciting.”

“The referees seem very nice, they try and explain what’s happening in the game but the punishments are a bit odd. A player can be sent to the naughty-step, given a stern talking to or made to do lines depending on what he did wrong. Coming in from the wrong side is serious, whereas battering your opponent to a pulp is perfectly acceptable.”

Millions of people are glad it’s over, they had enough trouble following the cricket in the summer so having to watch rugby was a step too far. With posh sports now on hold for four more years, a return to the simplicity of football is very welcome.

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