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Phew! Do I think you Ahh? Can you guess the celeb by smell only?

Following on from the surprise hit, The Masked Singer, other channels have been quick to follow suit.

CPhwoar has just announced their celebrity scratch and sniff show, Phew! Do I think you Ahh!

The new show will be hosted by Andy ‘No Sweat’ Windsor. The channel feel that there is a fitting irony in having such a malodorous buffoon hosting the show, it being in keeping with their core values.

Prince Andrew
It’s No Sweat with Right Prick Guard Antiperspirant

In this piece of mindless tat, No Sweat will blindfold contestants before locking them into an old fashioned telephone box with a famous person desperately in need of a PR boost. Then, based on smell alone, the hapless fool will have to guess which celebrity they’ve been banged up with.


For example, if they smell freshly baked cakes, bread and some deep floral notes, one may conclude it was national treasure, Mary Berry. However, if the odour was of one of hypocrisy and hubris with notes of pointless waffle, then perhaps it’s Piers Morgan. Hours of endless fun.

The smell of hypocrisy and hubris

Had the public ever wondered what the odours of Gary Lineker, Ann Widdecombe and Jordan are like, this is their chance to find out. By using the revolutionary new Scratch and Sniff Cards viewers will be able to experience the unique aromas of the great and the good.

During the show, a premium rate phone line will allow the public to call in with their guess with the chance to win a year’s supply of Prince Andrew’s Right Prick Guard Antiperspirant.

The new series starts on Tuesday at 8 pm on CPhwoar.

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