Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
Today Fridge

The Government has announced that it is to stop appearing on any programme that asks hard questions.

Apparently, politicians are upset that journalists ask them questions about their jobs, areas of responsibility and running the country. “It’s not fair, I appeared on Radio 4 to talk about my cats and the presenter asked me lots of questions about Brexit, well, I couldn’t answer any of them, it was very embarrassing.” said one cabinet minister.

The Today programme on BBC Radio 4

Radio 4’s Today Programme decided to reassure politicians concerns by installing a walk-in fridge.

“Basically, whenever the politician feels that the questions are getting a little bit tricky they can go and hide in the SMEG.  For some reason, they find this reassuring.” Said a BBC spokesperson.

Many people were surprised to find that the BBC was in the habit of asking awkward questions, and wished it had adopted this policy over the last three years.  

Jacob Rees-Mogg raised concerns about what would happen if he were to follow an interview with Mark Francois, asking “Will it be cleaned between guests?”

Mark Francois
Mark Francois

Channel 4 News is offering each guest a support Teddy Bear, The One Show has a supply of comfort blankets on hand and next week’s Question Time will come from the freezer department at Curry’s.  

Meanwhile, Sir Robin Day is currently turning in his grave.


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