Donald Trump denies being in EptMonkey News

Following his SOTU Address, Trump learns his ABC

Inspired by House Democrats “ABC’s of Impeachment” I thought we would continue the list. Apologies in advance to Edward Gorey.

A is Abuse, of Power he’s known.

B is Betrayal, left allies alone.

C is Corruption, Donnie’s the king.

D is Dark Money, Vladdie sends bling.

I’ll be back

E is for Enemies, he sees all around.

F is for Failings, in which Donnie does drown.

G is for Graham, his terrible elf.

H is for Heart, in a jar on the shelf.

I is Idolatry, the sin of his base.

J is for Justice, its loss a disgrace.

K is for Klan, I shouldn’t explain.

KKK Welcomes Tommy
Donnie and Co

L is for Lost, US down the drain.

M is for Mitch, a turtle, I vow.

N is for Nunes, he’s suing a cow?

O is for Oligarchs, they send lots of money.

P is for Putin, Trump’s pot of honey.

Q is for Quid, the rest is Pro Quo.

R is Republicans, who are only for show.

S is for SOTU, chock full of lies.

T is for Tacos, lining his thighs.

U is Ulterior, his motives and ploys.

V is for Virtue, the Trump name destroys.

W is for Winning, he says when he rages.

X is for Xenophobe, those kids are in cages

America’s the bestest

Y is for Yielding, our bases he tossed.

Z is for Zero, all integrity we’ve lost.

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