Mon. Jul 26th, 2021

Middle class families have laughed in the face of the UK tourist industry’s suggestion of taking ‘staycations’ when the travel restrictions are relaxed.

Beleaguered holiday businesses can expect little support from the middle class as they still intend to jet off to ‘sunnier climes’ as soon as they’re allowed.

Intelligence Test for travellers
Bring on the signorinas

They will be following the more wealthy classes above them that have already high tailed it out of harm’s way quicker than you can say ‘sold my stocks 24 hours before the FTSE crash’.

Toshitone Ind is rated a buy
Buy, Buy, bye

Harrison Tweed-Walker said whilst trying to bribe entrance to Harvey Nichols …. “One still can’t rely on the weather, and the service will be appalling because there will be no hospitality workers, or if there are any, they’ll be British.


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