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The Internet cannot be broken by a post about plastic hooks, says Expert

Experts confirm that the internet cannot be broken by a packet of plastic stick-on hooks, not matter how good the VFM.

Toshitone Industries make the spectacular claim on Facebook. They say that the internet is going so wild for yellow plastic hooks that you can stick on to a flat surface with double-sided sticky tape, that it is broken!

Many Facebook readers posted comments confirming that their internet had stopped working, after viewing the post.

A goal-keeping cat!

“I was sharing this video of a cat keeping goal, with Sheila over the road, and all of a sudden, nothing. My internet froze. I don’t usually fall for those internet adverts, but it can’t be a coincidence. Those hooks must be something special, I’m going to order several sets.”  Said Traci at number 46.

However, InterWeb guru Ian Napton reassured everyone that a post about the little yellow hooks, could not possibly break the internet. In his opinion, the most likely reason for the interruption in Internet Service is because they are using BT Broadband.

BT Broadband State of The Art Helpline

“Don’t these people realise that Facebook is on the Internet! If it’s broken, how can they read the stupid post?” said Ian, before going on to rage, “and how the bloody hell can they order the ‘kin hooks? if it’s not on the ‘kin Internet!”

Have you ever thought about complaining about it on the internet?

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